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On The General Theory of Strategy and Strategic Frameworks

Updated Spring 2007

These notes represent an exploration into the nature of strategy.  It started with the assumption that the various manifestations of strategy are based on common fundamental principles. The purpose of this exercise is to seek out an understanding of those common principles by examining strategic issues across different applications.  This is an exploratory effort to understand the underlying general themes and determinates of large scale problem solving. A s an exploratory effort, there is no claim originality of the concepts nor to the correctness of the interpretation, only that it is an honest intellectual effort to provide order into a chaotic field.  Nor is it intended as a purely scholarly effort.  The citations are limited to those that the author has become familiar, most of which have become classic.  Hopefully sometime in the future, these faults may need to be corrected. But at this point, this is merely an exercise in personal exploration.

At present it is a work in progress.  It is posted for comments and suggests. 

Notes on a General Theory of Strategy {pdf} Revised

This is a accumulation of notes that represent an exploration into the nature of strategy as a planning process.  That activity is still on-going and the notes represent the present set of thought on the issues.  The purpose of these notes is to identify the common principles that structure the strategic planning process across different applications. (approximately 300 pages)..