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Marketing Analytics/ Decision Support/ Survey Research/ Workshops

Custom Decision Support, LLC (CDS), formerly Lieb Associates, is a consulting firm specializing in marketing and technology oriented business planning.  We enable our clients to get full use of business information by providing assistance through consulting, training and analysis based on the creative and appropriate use of management science and technology. Our strength is derived from years of problem-solving expertise and teaching.  Our principal consultant, Dr. Eugene B. Lieb has over 40 years of industrial experience in technical, marketing and business research.   With this level of experience, CDSI helps its clients tackle the very toughest business problems.


While each of our clients tend to need unique services, we group them into four areas:

Providing New Answers and Approaches

CDS has developed a reputation for being the leader in the exploration of new ways of doing things. Our clients frequently call on us when they have business problems, which cannot be solved by traditional methods. CDS has pioneered new forecasting approaches, business research methodologies, decision support systems and planning procedures. We do not run a "cookie cutter" consulting business. We believe that each client's problem is unique and requires innovative solutions. We have never been satisfied with existing ways of doing things.

While we often derive unique solutions for our clients, we believe in full disclosure.   Proprietary and "black box" methods hide critical assumptions, which can only act to the disadvantage of our clients.  This web site provides a venue to disclose details of our methods and provides means of working with other experts in these fields. 

Clients and A Network

CDS maintains long-term relationships with its key clients, some extending over 30 years. This has provided us with experience in broad range of markets and applications. Our direct industrial clients include: Dupont, Rohm and Haas, Uniroyal Chemicals (now Crompton Corp.) , AEARO Corp., PQ Corp., and others.   In addition to commercial and industrial clients, CDSI also serves premier survey research and consulting companies.  This has allowed CDSI to establish a network of expertise that provides a broad range of capabilities.    Together CDSI and its associates have undertaken large research and planning projects.   Furthermore, this association with marketing research firms, in particular, has allowed CDSI to gain expertise in a broad range of industries including: pharmaceuticals, specialty and commodity industrial chemicals, agricultural protection chemicals, consumer products, services, and others.

"Special" Clients and Exceptional Service

CDS intends to remain a targeted premier consulting firm servicing a small number of long term special  clients.  This unique position allows CDS to concentrate on developing methods and procedures as well as to service its clients with exceptional responsiveness.    Once engaged in a project, we usually don't follow the clock.  It is not unusual for us to be able to turn around analytical projects in hours rather than weeks.  However, that is only feasible with considerate major long-term clients.  We are a learning organization, which values intellectual discourse.   As such, we appreciate bright and learned clients.  Our relationships with our clients are personal and highly confidential.  Because these relationships are demanding, we usually take on only a few new clients.   

Learning and Teaching

We believe that teaching and learning are intimately connected.  In addition to the consulting activities, CDS have taught graduate courses in the colleges of business at Drexel and Villanova Universities and the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University.  Our consultants have taught over 80 graduate courses at these and other universities.    As part of its consulting activities, CDSI also provides a range of industrial seminars and workshops targeted to connecting marketing research with technology and planning.


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