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Survey and Marketing Research Services

Custom Decision Support, LLC (CDS) serves both industrial corporations and full service marketing research firms with consulting services. CDS typical provides: advanced analytical methods, study design, statistical analysis, market models and marketing consulting support. While the advanced analytical methods have been traditionally used with "quantitative" large sample studies, we have been applying these analytical techniques with small qualitative projects which are referred to as hybrid studies.   These have allowed our clients to augment subjective studies with analytical results and preliminary market models. Our projects have included:

For the "full service" marketing research firms these activities are undertaken as a proprietary service. Procedures that are developed for these clients are often packaged and promoted as proprietary methodologies.  Services to industrial firms include consulting and selected execution of marketing research studies. CDS provides assistance in the design of studies, selection of vendors, and the analysis of data.

CDS is viewed as an analytical resource with strong marketing expertise. While CDS is not the lowest cost resource for the "full service" marketing research customers on a per diem basis, it is on a value basis. CDSI allows these firms to produce a high technology product with a reduced analytical staff. For our industrial customers, CDS offers a means of having a cost-effective analytical capability.  Techniques that we use are reviewed in the Notes on Planning and Research Methods.

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