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Business Decision Support and Automated Reporting

Custom Decision Support, Inc. (CDS) develops affordable business decision support systems based on business and survey data for our clients.  These systems are intended to provide hands-on, easy to use, capability for  examining business and marketing problems.  The intent is to give the product, business and marketing managers the opportunity to do "What-If" analysis.  The advent of widely available powerful personal computers and software such as Microsoft Excel provides us the ability to deliver highly effective planning tools that are affordable.   These are designed as an automation analysis tools and are referred to as Toolkits.  Our clients are both industrial and service firms.   The systems that we have development work have been based on marketing and survey research data as well as internal information.    Over the past 30 years of systems development have included systems designed for:

Custom Decision Support, LLC provides a expertise in the preparation of automated reports.  These are based on a common database and utilizes Microsoft Office to provide automated multiple reports.  This allows for periodic reports from available data include from marketing research and internal data.

The objective of these systems is to simplify an otherwise conceptually complex process.  The client value is the ability to explore a complex issue and to make the decision in an "ideal" fashion, which will help provide a consensus of agreement within the management team.  Methods used in the development of these models are discussed in the Notes on Methods.


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