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Professional Development and Workshops

Custom Decision Support, LLC. (CDS) provides affordable, customized professional development workshops and seminars for technically trained individuals in major high technology industries. The workshops are intended to transfer implementable skills and develop group cohesion in a learning setting. People who benefit from these workshops include R&D, technical support, business development, brand management and planning professionals. These workshops are usually two to three days in length in which the client provides the facilities. A key advantage of using CDSI is the focus on transferring advanced proven skills in a form compatible with attendees background.

Recently, CDS has explored the use of the newly affordable information technologies to facilitate distance and packaged learning.  From its experience teaching at the graduate level at Villanova University College of Commerce and Finance and at Drexel University College of Information Science and Technology, CDS have found that the Internet tools (discussion boards, e-Texts, and on-line Surveys) combined with new video capabilities, provide an enhanced learning experience.  It is now able to offer those tools to its industrial clients as part of its workshops and seminars.

Programs include:

Business Development R&D Workshops;

Manager Workshops

Marketing Development Seminars

Business Development Workshops;






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